Caramel Cake

Pongal- The Festival and The Sweet…

I have so far only blogged about baking and this is officially my first non-bake(?) post. This post is very special to me because I am writing this on request from a very dear friend of mine. You might know her as “The Inconsistent Chef” or as just Shyma Mathai. No matter how you know her, I’m sure if you have ever interacted with her, you would know that she has a huge heart and will go out of her way to help you, encourage you and be happy with each successful step you take. She wields magic at her fingertips and enthralls us with her wonderful blog The Wind Beneath My Wings . Do hop on to her blog for some amazing recipes. We met each other on Fondbites Bake Along group. Even before Shyma chechi knew me, she used to comment and appreciate my photography & bakes that I used to post in the group. Not only mine, she takes time to encourage or appreciate all the bakers there, be it with a comment or a like. And I was in love with all her photos, bakes and her blog. This mutual appreciation brought us together and we became really good friends. Thank you chechi for being a good friend and a sister, and for just being who you are. And thank you for giving me this opportunity to write for you 🙂