Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

Have you heard of brookies? People in general love to make new words out of 2 existing words and Brookies are a delicious combination of 2 of the most popular munchies known to mankind: Brownies+Cookies=Brookies.. Now that’s an equation nobody will forget. These brookies in particular are absolutely divine! Crunchy yet chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie on top of a layer of Fudgy Dark Chocolate Brownie, all this topped with Nutella and drizzled with Dulce de leche- A mat(c)h made in heaven.. Read that sentence again, and tell me you are not drooling.. I dare you!

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Earl Grey Tea Madeleines

I just visited my blog today and was shocked to see that my last post was in September last year. How sad is that!! Ok, by now I think I have established the fact that I am lazy. I do love writing but I just don’t get into that mindset that easily I suppose. Anyway, no point mulling over this issue. Let’s get down to business..

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Caramel Upside Down Cake

I love reading books. Have I ever mentioned it before? I used to be an avid reader but somehow in the course of time I have reduced my reading drastically. Not intentionally but it just happened. I had a dream yesterday about getting locked up in a library and I spent the rest of the dream- you guessed it right- Reading! Yes, you read it correctly, I DREAMT about reading! So, I’m gonna get back to my reading habit. I have atleast 6 novels in my shelf that I’m yet to even touch. Anyone willing to join me in this marathon, please do 😀 As I was browsing for more books to buy(!), I realized I never posted the pics for a cake I made 3 weeks back. So here we are.

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Maritozzi Con La Panna (Roman Cream Buns)

As I might have mentioned in a couple of places, I am not very good at baking stuff that involves yeast. But that doesnt mean that I dont enjoy baking breads or other yeasted delights. I very much wish to be good at it. So in the pursuit of acheiving greatness (ahem!) in bread baking, I had joined Aparna’s We Knead To Bake group on FB quite a while back. But being who I am, managed not to get involved or put in efforts into baking the monthly bread to fulfill what i had actually joined the group for and became a silent spectator of all the different breads she would post every month. I did bake a couple of breads but didnt write a post about it. So here is my first blog post for the WKTB group.

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Rose, Pistachio & Honey Entremet

Hey all!! Hope you all remember this post if mine that I had submitted for Fondbites Bake Along‘s Bake It Perfect contest. Guess what? I got selected as the First Runner Up in the contest!! Yippeee!! Never expected to win it.. I’m sooo happy. It’s a lot of firsts for me- my first entry into a competition, first time I came up with my own flavor combos, first time I won a contest (well, almost 😀 ) and first attempt making an Entremet 🙂 For the Finals, each participant had to make an Entremet, with flavour combinations of our own. I’m so excited to have been a part of this!! A big thanks to Subhashini for all of this 🙂

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Baileys Cupcakes

Are you on Pinterest? Are you addicted? No? Then go and become a drop in the ocean that is Pinterest. You discover one pin (in my case, it almost always is a recipe that has something to do with food, particularly, cake) and that leads you to another pin which leads you to another- you get my point! Its a vicious cycle. But oh so informative and entertaining. So, what I am getting at is, I have a lot of pinned recipes on my Pinterest boards and I really wanna start giving them a try, atleast a few. Only fair right?

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Coconut Cake with Apricot-Citrus Custard Filling and Matcha SMBC

This cake was submitted in April 2015 for Fondbites Bake Along’s “Bake It Perfect” contest under the “Flavourful Cakes” categories. And I’m very happy to report that my entry was selected among the 12 finalists. I have submitted my entry for the finals. Will reveal that post soon after the results are announced …

So far my experience with inventing and doing new flavour combinations has been quite low. I do like to browse and save some unique recipes and unusual flavors especially in pinterest but haven’t really got down to baking all of them. I own quite a lot of books too. So, when I saw the contest post on Fondbites Bake Along group for “Flavorful Cakes” I decided then and there to participate and finally come up with my combination and make use of all those books and sources I have.

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Pongal- The Festival and The Sweet…

I have so far only blogged about baking and this is officially my first non-bake(?) post. This post is very special to me because I am writing this on request from a very dear friend of mine. You might know her as “The Inconsistent Chef” or as just Shyma Mathai. No matter how you know her, I’m sure if you have ever interacted with her, you would know that she has a huge heart and will go out of her way to help you, encourage you and be happy with each successful step you take. She wields magic at her fingertips and enthrals us with her wonderful blog The Wind Beneath My Wings . Do hop on to her blog for some amazing recipes. We met each other on Fondbites Bake Along group- one more thing I’m grateful to Subhashini & the group for, apart from all the knowledge I’m gathering over there. Even before Shyma chechi knew me, she used to comment and appreciate my photography & bakes that I used to post in the group. Not only mine, she takes time to encourage or appreciate all the bakers there, be it with a comment or a like. And I was in love with all her photos, bakes and her blog. This mutual appreciation brought us together and we became really good friends. Thank you chechi for being a good friend and a sister, and for just being who you are. And thank you for giving me this opportunity to write for you 🙂

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New Year, a Neapolitan Cake and some History

First and foremost, wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2015!! Hope this year brings nothing but happiness and takes all your sorrows away.. A New Year means a lot of things to a lot of people. A new beginning, a fresh start, a new goal or just to make everything a little better than last year. I am no different. I am not one to take resolutions and have strict determinations. But I do hope to make a difference somewhere in any small way I can. Achieve a few goals and set a few things straight. And what better day for a little introspection than 1st of Jan right?

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Avocado-Berry Smoothie

Till date, I have made so many dishes for lunch & dinner and baked a lot. But never have I experimented or tried varieties in drinks, juices or smoothies. Even when I got my hands on some avocado, my intention was to use it in some kind of salad. When I sat with Mr.Google to find the right salad recipe to suit our taste buds, I came across some recipes that used avocado in smoothies. I was intrigued and decided to experiment and make a smoothie.

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