For as long as I can remember I have been very interested in the world of blogging, rather, intrigued by it. But I was always skeptical about starting my own because I would wonder “What will I write about?”. I was never really interested in creating an online diary, so a personal blog was out of question!

Another thing that fascinated me was Baking. I have baked an occasional brownie or a cake before, but ever since I got married my interests in Baking have gained momentum and i have now started baking on a, let’s say, fairly regular basis. I have baked a couple of cakes for my hubby’s and friends’ birthdays, made a lot of cupcakes & cookies now and then just for the family to enjoy. So the thought, “why not start a blog about my baking”, was a given. Then came the issue, there are sooooo many blogger-bakers or baker-bloggers out there, who are waaaaay more talented than i ever could be! I don’t “develop” recipes, i simply follow them! I was intimidated.
After giving it a lot of thought, I am starting this blog after almost one year of sitting on the idea. I thought why not just post about whatever i make and just have fun with it? Why do i need to make my own recipe to start a blog? I can always just experiment and give due credit to whoever or whichever dish inspired me.
Another push towards this decision was my discovery of “The Daring Bakers”. I was seriously taken by the fact that they challenge all bakers with a (for lack of another word) challenge, every month and everyone just follows the recipe and bakes! This was more like it. Challenge Accepted! Or so I say. A lot of challenges are, well, challenging. And I still haven’t joined the community yet. But I am about to. And I hope i continue blogging and baking, and hope to God that I don’t lose sight of why I started this.
So here I am, starting this up. Let’s hope my writing skills, as well as my Baking skills, improve with time.
My name is Deepshika and I am starting this blog to post my endeavors in the Kitchen, so bare with me.
May the Force be with me.. And you, of course.

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