Caramel Cake

Hi all. Today I am gonna show you guys a cake that was a Huge hit in my house. Every one from the kids to adults, ALL loved it. The cake has a wonderful taste and it is made from Homemade Caramel Syrup. This is the first time I made anything like this.

I had bought a mini 6-loaf pan from Singapore a long time ago and had never used it. So when this recipe was put up for the Fondbites Bake Along, I dived in and made it in that pan.
The loaves turned out sooo yumm and they were just so cute! I couldn’t stop giggling to myself when they turned out so tiny and perfect πŸ˜€ Just check out the size of the loaf in this following pic. Isnt it just cute? I officially love this loaf pan!
The recipe yielded 6 mini loaves and 2 muffin size cakes for me. It has a deep caramel taste that lingers long after you have eaten it. It has a lovely crumb and you just cant stop with one bite or “just to taste” πŸ˜‰
The cake is absolutely wonderful on its own but just to enhance the taste of the caramel, we tried it with Butterscotch ice cream, and believe me it was one of the best decisions ever! It takes the taste up by several notches. It was truly divine!
I hope you guys get inspired to make this cake. It is not to be missed!
You can find the link here- Caramel Cake
Until next time.. Keep smiling πŸ™‚ and one last pic to keep u drooling..
This has been baked forΒ Fondbites, Bake Along, a group of enthusiastic bakers who bake one recipe every week.

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