Mixed Nuts Streusel Cake

Hi, I’m back with another fabulous recipe from our Bake Along group. For last week, Subhashini chose an Almond Streusel Cake adapted from one of Martha Stewart’s recipes. Wikipedia describes Streusel as a crumbly topping of flour, butter, and sugar that is baked on top of muffinsbreads, pies and cakes. It is a wonderful addition to cakes and takes the taste and texture to a whole new level. 

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Everyone is afraid of working with Yeast and I am no exception. But lately, I have embraced the fact that yeast is something I will have to get used to working with. As you get good dishes out of it, it will become easier because we are gaining confidence slowly but steadily and once we conquer the so called “Beast” there is no turning back, because bread baking is one of the most satisfying baking there is. All the hard-work we put into kneading, waiting and waiting for it to rise and when it does rise, oh what joy! I still have not conquered the art of working with Yeast but slowly learning and processing.

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