Avocado-Berry Smoothie

Till date, I have made so many dishes for lunch & dinner and baked a lot. But never have I experimented or tried varieties in drinks, juices or smoothies. Even when I got my hands on some avocado, my intention was to use it in some kind of salad. When I sat with Mr.Google to find the right salad recipe to suit our taste buds, I came across some recipes that used avocado in smoothies. I was intrigued and decided to experiment and make a smoothie.

I felt that Avocado as such doesn’t have much taste but it helps in making your smoothie really creamy and oh so luscious! I added each a handful of Raspberries & Blackberries and a couple of pitted dates for sweetness (going the natural way!) along with the flesh of an avocado and gave it a whiz in the blender. The result was a fruit mush, not smoothie 😛

At this point it is up to you to decide if you want to add water or milk to your smoothie. For a more creamy texture (albeit a heavier option), add milk else add water. The quantity also is up to you. I added 1 and a half cup water and still winded up with a creamy smoothie 🙂 So just wing it. I absolutely loved the combination of berries with the avocado. And just look at the color. Love!

This creamy and yummy avocado smoothie is very easy to make and its very versatile, in the sense, you can add any fruit you like to the mix. You can use some mango, which seems to be a popular combo with avocado. Or you can add bananas. Its totally your call. And just in case you dont find this sweet enough with the dates, add some honey. It’s so not worth it to add sugar at this point.

So that is my first attempt at making a smoothie. And it was a huge success. Will be trying more combinations in the future. Hope you give it a try. You can play around with all kinds of fruits.
Keep smiling 🙂 You just ate healthy 😉

2 thoughts on “Avocado-Berry Smoothie”

  1. Oh Deeps, that smoothie looks luxurious. I have been waiting to try avocado smoothie and mousse. You saved my time. I'm definitely making this in my kitchen. Oh did I mention, I absolutely love your pic, the backdrop, the props(especially the smoothie glass and that royal looking stirrer),…everything!

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