Baileys Cupcakes

Are you on Pinterest? Are you addicted? No? Then go and become a drop in the ocean that is Pinterest. You discover one pin (in my case, it almost always is a recipe that has something to do with food, particularly, cake) and that leads you to another pin which leads you to another- you get my point! Its a vicious cycle. But oh so informative and entertaining. So, what I am getting at is, I have a lot of pinned recipes on my Pinterest boards and I really wanna start giving them a try, atleast a few. Only fair right?

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Coconut Cake with Apricot-Citrus Custard Filling and Matcha SMBC

This cake was submitted in April 2015 for Fondbites Bake Along’s “Bake It Perfect” contest under the “Flavourful Cakes” categories. And I’m very happy to report that my entry was selected among the 12 finalists. I have submitted my entry for the finals. Will reveal that post soon after the results are announced …

So far my experience with inventing and doing new flavour combinations has been quite low. I do like to browse and save some unique recipes and unusual flavors especially in pinterest but haven’t really got down to baking all of them. I own quite a lot of books too. So, when I saw the contest post on Fondbites Bake Along group for “Flavorful Cakes” I decided then and there to participate and finally come up with my combination and make use of all those books and sources I have.

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